Jim Brage


South Berwick, ME


Art Prints

Photography is my passion. I have always had a camera, for as long as I can remember I was either taking photos with my dad's 35mm Cannon or a Polaroid Instamatic. I got my first camera when I was 10 and I have been taking photos ever since.

When I was 15, I started developing my own prints in a darkroom that I helped my dad set up in our basement. I started with B&W but soon turned to color as my interest in photography grew even more.

I bought my first camera when I was 20, continued to develop and print my own photographs. When digital burst onto the market I bought my first digital camera and started editing my photos with computer assistance. When I was 35 I bought my first SLR digital camera, my world changed. I soon learned that I enjoyed manipulating photos as much as taking them. I have continued to grow and have concentrated my photography to the world of digital images.

I see a different world when I look through the lens of a camera, a world full of magic and wonder that I love to share with others.


Company CP by Jim Brage


Fire in The Sky FSP by Jim Brage


Eight O'Clock EOP by Jim Brage


Sunflower 3 SF3WC by Jim Brage


Sunflower 2 SF2WC by Jim Brage


Sunflower SFWC by Jim Brage


Peppers PP by Jim Brage


Apple Blossom II AB2WC by Jim Brage


First Picnic FPWC by Jim Brage


Dolly DWC by Jim Brage


Fireworks With Moon III FM3P by Jim Brage


Fireworks With Moon II FM2P by Jim Brage


Fireworks With Moon FMP by Jim Brage


River Reflections RIREP by Jim Brage


Magic Hour MHP by Jim Brage


Glory GP by Jim Brage


Rotonda River RORIWC by Jim Brage


Deepsea Serenity DSWC by Jim Brage


Portsmouth NH South End PSEP by Jim Brage


Rye Harbor RHWC by Jim Brage


Apple Blossom ABWC by Jim Brage


A Rose Is A Rose RRP by Jim Brage


Hydrangeas HWC by Jim Brage


Tall Ship TSWC by Jim Brage


Lobster Boat LBWC by Jim Brage


Fishing Fleet FFWC by Jim Brage